• Spotlight on Different Types of Sexual Dysfunction

    Sexual dysfunction is a common reason why some people seek hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in Boca Raton. The HRT program available from Huma-Netics can help both men and women who are dealing with the consequences of atypical hormone levels. Low testosterone, for example, can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. Of course, this type of sexual dysfunction can also have psychological causes and physical causes other than low testosterone. Another common type of sexual dysfunction in men is premature ejaculation.

    Both men and women may experience a lack of sexual desire. The absence of a libido can sometimes cause problems in a relationship. Even if a female partner is able to become sexually aroused, she may have difficulty achieving an orgasm. Painful intercourse is another type of sexual dysfunction that should be evaluated by a medical provider. Women may experience cramping, burning sensations, or sharp pain before, during, or after sexual activity.

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  • What Happens When You Have Low T?

    Low testosterone, or low T, is a common problem many men face as they get older. Often, levels of testosterone begin to decrease as early as the mid-30s, and the deficiency gets greater over time without hormone replacement therapy to increase testosterone levels. If you think you could be experiencing low testosterone in Boca Raton , see a hormone replacement specialist to see if you could benefit from treatment.

    Low T has a number of effects. Men often experience low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and higher levels of depression and irritability. Fatigue and loss of muscle mass are also common. One potentially dangerous effect of low testosterone levels is loss of bone mass, which can lead to osteoporosis.

    Low T is common with aging, but it’s not something you just have to accept. Hormone replacement therapy can have a dramatic effect on your wellbeing and help you overcome troublesome symptoms so you can get back to enjoying your life.

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  • The Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

    If you’ve been faithful to a healthy diet and exercise routine and still can’t seem to lose weight, you should visit a doctor in Boca Raton to discuss medical weight loss . There are many health conditions that can affect your ability to lose weight, including hypothyroidism, low testosterone levels, depression, side effects of certain medications, and Cushing’s syndrome. If you’re struggling to lose weight, take a look at these benefits of medical weight loss.

    Develop a Weight Loss Plan Customized to Your Lifestyle

    Medical Weight Loss When you visit a doctor or medical weight loss clinic to discuss losing weight, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a customized weight loss plan. Your doctor will ask you questions about your lifestyle, habits, and previous diets and weight loss programs you have tried. This will help him determine what type of medical weight loss program will be right for you. He can also offer specialized medical weight loss services if necessary, such as IV vitamin infusions, non-surgical body sculpting procedures, sermorelin therapy, and cellulite reduction.

    Receive Medical Evaluations and Monitoring

    Before you begin your medical weight loss program, you’ll receive a full medical evaluation by a weight loss physician. Your physician will determine if you suffer from any medical conditions that are affecting your weight loss. He can provide hormone replacement therapy and testosterone injections if your weight loss difficulties are caused by low testosterone or a hormone imbalance. He can also jump start your weight loss via IV vitamin infusions, sermorelin therapy, and appetite suppressants. You’ll also receive regular medical monitoring to ensure that you’re meeting your medical weight loss goals in a safe, healthy manner.

    Take Advantage of Professional Support Services

    In addition to unique medical weight loss services, you’ll also receive professional support services during your weight loss journey. This might include counseling, diet and nutrition advice, exercise and body sculpting suggestions, and encouragement when you’re in a rut. Your medical weight loss physician can also give you tips on how to keep the weight off once you’ve reached your weight loss goals.