• How Hormone Deficiencies Can Affect Your Sleep

    As doctors learn more about aging and hormones, they are beginning to understand the far-reaching implications of hormonal imbalances for all aspects of life, including sleep. There is an intricate relationship between sleep and hormones that is exacerbated by aging but that can be helped by your anti-aging medicine specialist and hormone replacement therapy in Boca Raton .

    The hormone changes that occur during menopause are notorious for causing sleep disturbances, as low estrogen levels cause night sweats that interfere with sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to further hormone imbalances that affect appetite and lead to weight gain. Talk to your anti-aging specialist to see if HRT could restore your balance and help you get the rest you need for good health.

  • Does Smoking Make You Age Faster?

    Although you can’t stop the march of time, advances in anti-aging medicine have made it easier to look and feel your best for longer than ever before. With hormone replacement therapy in Boca Raton , for instance, you can stay youthful and active well into your golden years. One habit anti-aging medicine cannot overcome, however, is smoking.

    Watch this video to learn how smoking can make you look and feel older than you are. The toxins in cigarettes make your body age faster, so while chemical peels and other facial treatments can reduce some of the cosmetic impacts of smoking, you will experience age-related medical complications at a much younger age that typically can’t be reversed with hormone therapy. If you smoke, talk to your doctor about ways that you can quit and live your best life even as you get older.

  • A Look at the Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

    Are you feeling sluggish and fatigued? Are you experiencing muscle weakness, mood changes, and problems with your concentration? Hormone imbalances may be to blame. Thanks to advances in anti-aging medicine in Boca Raton , your healthcare provider can now prescribe hormone replacement therapy to restore balance and correct deficiencies. One type of hormone therapy that offers a long list of benefits is growth hormone therapy. Could it be right for you?

    Growth hormone therapy can help to reduce body fat and boost libido in response to a lower sex drive. It improves brain function and may even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. People who undergo growth hormone therapy see an improvement in their skin, thanks to increases in collagen and elastin, improved wound healing, and healthier hair and nails. Muscle tone may improve, and the onset of osteoporosis may be delayed or prevented. Growth hormone therapy can also play a role in the prevention of heart disease, the leading cause of death of both men and women in the U.S.

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  • How Your Metabolism Changes as You Age

    If you’ve felt like your weight has been creeping up over the years even though you haven’t changed your eating habits, you’re absolutely right. As you age, your metabolism slows down, which means that you need to consume fewer calories to maintain the same weight. Fortunately, you don’t have to be the victim of age-related metabolism changes. Hormone therapy and medical weight loss in Boca Raton can jumpstart your metabolism and help you reclaim your body. Here is what you need to know about metabolic changes and what you can do about them. slowed - metabolism

    Metabolism in Your 30s

    In your 20s, most people reach their peak level of metabolic functioning. That all changes in the your 30s. Most people experience a subtle shift in their muscle mass that can lead to big changes for their metabolism. During your 30s, you are likely to naturally lose a small amount of muscle mass each year, and because muscle helps to keep your metabolism firing, the lost muscle means a slower metabolism. Changes in hormone levels, particularly human growth hormone, during your 30s can also contribute to a slower metabolism. Fight back against weight gain by adding more weight training to your workout plan and by talking to you healthcare provider about hormone replacement therapy.

    Metabolism in Your 40s

    Most people notice a drastic change in their metabolism in their 40s. Hormone levels begin to go significantly haywire, while muscle mass continues to decline. Weight gain is common, even without eating more. This is because your lower metabolism means that you need fewer calories each day to maintain your weight. Focusing on a diet rich in lean protein, cutting back on sugar, and adding even more strengthening exercises can help. During your 40s, starting hormone replacement therapy can help you get your metabolism back in balance.

    Metabolism in Your 50s and After

    Women in particular experience metabolic changes during their 50s, when menopause usually occurs. Men also tend to experience a dramatic drop in testosterone, which can significantly reduce muscle mass and slow down the metabolism. Hormone replacement therapy can be the key to reducing a range of aging symptoms, including slowed metabolisms, in your 50s and after.

  • Could You Benefit from Sermorelin?

    Also referred to as human growth hormone or HGH therapy, sermorelin treatment has the potential to help your body regain some youthful benefits. Sermorelin contains 29 HGH amino acids and is a growth hormone releasing peptide, or GHRP. It is a bio-identical hormone that is designed to stimulate your hypothalamus to release growth hormone, something which normally declines with age. Sermorelin therapy near Boca Raton is an ideal alternative or complement to HRT, also known as hormone replacement therapy.

    Sermorelin therapy is available in a range of strengths and combinations to meet your personal needs. If you decide that this anti-aging treatment is right for you, there are many benefits that you might enjoy. Individuals often begin to see results like improved quality of sleep, better energy levels, decreased body fat, and increased muscle tone in as little as 1 or 2 months. However, optimal results typically require at least 6 to 12 months of treatment, so long-term commitment is advised for individuals considering sermorelin therapy.

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  • Understanding the Causes of Acne Scars

    Nearly everyone experiences acne at some point in their lives, but why do some people get acne scars when others don’t? The reason comes down to the type of acne. Fortunately, acne treatments near Boca Raton can help to stop acne and erase scarring.

    Acne scars occur as the result of inflammatory acne, such as pus-filled pimples, rather than blackheads and whiteheads. When a pimple ruptures and pus infects the surrounding healthy skin cells, scars can occur. If you have acne or are dealing with scarring, talk to a skin care expert about things you can do, such as chemical peels and laser facials for scarring. Hormone therapy for hormone-related breakouts can reduce feature bouts of acne, with menopause treatment, low testosterone treatment, and more.

  • Facts About Hormone Replacement Therapy During Menopause

    Menopause begins when a woman ceases to menstruate, which occurs in conjunction with a drop in the production of the reproductive hormone estrogen. Low estrogen levels are the cause of numerous changes in the body, including changes in metabolism, energy, libido, and other aspects of your health. Hormone replacement therapy is an effective menopause treatment available in Boca Raton that boosts declining levels of estrogen and other reproductive hormones to combat the physical and mental effects of menopause and aging.

    Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormone Therapy for Menopause Many women experience unpleasant or uncomfortable symptoms during menopause due to changes in estrogen and progesterone levels. These symptoms include hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, vaginal dryness, night sweats, and difficulty sleeping. Hormone replacement can help to minimize or even eliminate these symptoms, improving comfort, quality of life, and general health during this period of change. Additionally, hormone replacement therapy can lower your risk for certain health concerns during and after menopause, including colon cancer, osteoporosis, and macular degeneration.

    Hormone Therapy Options

    The best type of hormone replacement medication for you will depend on your age, the symptoms you are experiencing, and your and health. Women that have undergone a hysterectomy may take estrogen alone, but this type of menopause treatment can raise the risk for endometrial cancer in women who retain their uterus. If you still have your uterus, the best hormone replacement therapy regimen for you will likely combine estrogen and progesterone to lower this risk.

    Hormone Therapy Recommendations

    Hormone replacement therapy is only required for as long as you experience the symptoms of menopause. Over time, most women experience the abatement of menopause symptoms and cease hormone therapy once it is no longer needed. Your medical provider will monitor your health and your symptoms during hormone replacement therapy to help you determine how long it will benefit you. Once you have stopped menopause therapy, you may experience a minor recurrence in some symptoms, which typically lasts only a few months before they disappear completely.

  • Recognizing the Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

    If you’re concerned that you might be suffering from low testosterone near Boca Raton , you should visit a doctor near you to discuss hormone replacement therapy. Hormone therapy, which consists of safe, effective testosterone injections, can be instrumental in eliminating the symptoms of low testosterone. Keep reading to learn more about the warning signs of low testosterone, and determine if you need hormone therapy.

    Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction

    Low Testosterone Some of the primary symptoms of low testosterone are related to sex drive, and can cause sexual dysfunction. If you have low testosterone, you might notice that your sex drive has suddenly and drastically diminished. You may also have difficulty achieving an erection, or you might experience spontaneous erections, particularly while sleeping. Low testosterone also decreases semen volume. An increase in testosterone via hormone replacement therapy and testosterone injections can reduce or eliminate many symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

    Symptoms that Affect Physical Appearance

    Very low testosterone levels can affect physical appearance, as well. If you need testosterone hormone replacement, you might develop hair loss on your body, face, and head. You might also notice an increase in body fat, and a decrease in muscle mass and strength, even if you exercise or weight train regularly. Low testosterone can also contribute to bone loss and increase your risk of osteoporosis, as well as broken or fractured bones. A doctor might recommend hormone therapy to increase testosterone levels, reduce your risk of osteoporosis, improve muscle mass and strength, and slow the progression of hair loss. While not all of these symptoms can be reversed with hormone replacement therapy, they can sometimes be slowed or stopped.

    Symptoms that Affect Mood

    Without hormone replacement therapy, low testosterone levels will eventually affect your mood. You might feel tired and fatigued easily and frequently, have low energy levels, develop insomnia, and have difficulty motivating yourself to participate in your usual activities. You might also experience depression, irritability, and loss of focus and concentration. Visiting your doctor regularly for testosterone injections and hormone therapy can increase testosterone levels and stabilize your mood.