• Comparing Our GET LEAN Programs

    At Huma-Netics, one of the services we provide to help you look and feel your best is medical weight loss in Boca Raton . In addition to addressing hormone imbalances that could be contributing to your weight gain with hormone replacement therapy, we offer three levels of our GET LEAN weight loss program. Which GET LEAN is right for you? Here is what you need to know.

    The GET LEAN program includes a consultation, body composition analysis, one MIC B-Complex Active Metabolism Injections for 10 weeks, 4 Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation Treatments for the abdomen, and a healthy eating shopping list. The GET LEANER program includes the consultation, body composition analysis, and grocery list but adds an initial blood draw to see if you are a candidate for hormone replacement therapy, as well as a complete metabolic panel and a lab review with a medical provider. Eight weeks of MIC-ATP injections and eight Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation treatments are included. The GET LEANEST program includes all of the same features as the GET LEANER program but includes 10 weeks of injections and ultrasonic lipo treatments. Our providers will help you select the right program for you based on your weight loss goals.

    Successful Weight Loss

  • Answering Questions About Anti-Aging IV Therapy

    Did you know that you have the power to fight back against the aging process? You can’t stop the passage of time, but thanks to a range of anti-aging therapies, you don’t have to be its victim. Anti-aging IVs are a revolutionary way of getting you the vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients you need to look and feel your best as you get older. If you are considering IV vitamin infusions in Boca Raton for their anti-aging benefits, here are the answers questions you are likely to have.

    What Is in Anti-Aging IVs?

    Anti-Aging IV Infusion Anti-aging IV vitamin infusions are tailored to the patient, so there is no single formula. After reviewing your symptoms, your healthcare provider will determine which type of infusion is appropriate for your needs. All infusions contain a combination of nutrients, including vitamins and amino acids, that have been proven to provide anti-aging benefits. Whether you need a boost in energy, feel like your skin and hair look dull and lifeless, or need help shifting age-related weight gain, the professionals at infusion center will select the right mixture for your needs.

    What Is It Like to Get an IV?

    The IV process is similar to what you may have experienced if you have undergone a medical procedure. Although many patients are concerned about whether the IV will be painful, experienced technicians make the process extremely comfortable. After the IV is in place, you simply sit back and wait for the infusion to finish. Most infusions take between 25 and 60 minutes.

    Will Anti-Aging IV Therapy Interfere with My Medications?

    Before you have an IV, your provider will review your medications to ensure that nothing interferes with medications you are already taking. In most cases, IV therapy is perfectly safe to take alongside a range of different treatments, including hormone replacement therapy for low estrogen and low testosterone. If you’re on medication for hypothyroidism, it may be necessary to time your IVs to prevent the vitamins from impacting how your body absorbs the thyroid hormone.

  • Age-Related Changes That Happen in Your 40s

    When it comes to aging, 40 is the time that many people point to as a turning point. While it is true that you may begin to notice some changes after you turn 40, you don’t have to be passive about accepting it. Many things that people assume are normal parts of aging can actually be prevented, delayed, or controlled with things like IV vitamin infusions and hormone replacement therapy in Boca Raton . Here are some age-related changes that some people experience in the 40s and what you can do about them.

    Weight Gain

    Weight Gain You may notice that it becomes harder to lose weight after you turn 40, thanks to your metabolism slowing. However, although your metabolism does slow as you get older, dramatic changes in your weight and your ability to lose it could indicate another problem. Many people over 40, particularly women, experience a decline in thyroid function that further slows the metabolism and causes weight gain. Simple thyroid hormone replacement can correct this problem. Other hormone imbalances can lead to weight gain, so get evaluated by a doctor to see if hormone replacement therapy could help.

    Low Libido

    Getting older does not have to mean your romantic relationships have an expiration date. It’s common to experience a decline in sex drive after age 40, but the passage of years usually isn’t to blame. Instead, low testosterone—or low T—in men and other hormone imbalances in women can zap libido levels. Hormone replacement therapy can restore your hormonal balance as well as your libido.

    Decreased Bone Density

    Bone density loss is a serious issue for men and women alike. Age-related loss of bone density can increase your risk of dangerous broken bones that can significantly impact your mobility. Eating a healthy diet and getting regular physical activity will protect your bones after 40, but checking your hormone levels is important, too. Low testosterone can lower bone density, so hormone replacement can be an important part of preventing future bone health issues.

  • Debunking Myths about Aging

    People are living longer than ever before, and that has made it necessary to rethink the aging process. Things that people once considered non-negotiable parts of aging are now often manageable and avoidable. Thanks to anti-aging medicine in Boca Raton , the calendar doesn’t have to dictate how you feel and how you live your life. Don’t let these myths about aging slow you down—instead, embrace the fact that your best years may be still to come.

    Myth: You’ll Lose Your Memory

    Aging Myths Everyone experiences a small degree of cognitive decline over the years, but the kind of all-encompassing memory loss that is associated with age is simply not a normal part of getting older. You can do many things to fight off memory loss, including eating a healthy diet, doing activities that give your brain a workout, and seeking hormone replacement therapy if you have an imbalance. Memory loss is a common symptom associated with hormone imbalances, so seeing a hormone specialist could help you ensure your mind is as quick as ever.

    Myth: You’ll Gain Weight

    Your metabolism changes when you’re older, but often, your appetite changes as well, so it isn’t a forgone conclusion that you’ll start gaining weight when you reach a certain age. Typically, unexplained weight gain that you may chalk up to your age is the result of imbalanced hormone levels. Without proper hormone balance, your metabolism may not work as effectively, which translates into excess weight. Likewise, hormone imbalances can trigger cravings, overeating, and muscle loss. You can stay in control of your waistline by getting hormone replacement when you need it.

    Myth: You’ll Lose Your Libido

    Like many expected age-related concerns, a low libido is more likely to be due to a hormone problem than how many birthdays you’ve had. Low testosterone, or low T, in particular can be extremely damaging to your sex drive. Fortunately, hormone replacement makes it easy to restore testosterone levels so you can return to having a healthy sex life.