“The Ultimate Sexual Health Therapies for Men & Women”

Medical Rejuvenation

Sexual health problems can have a serious impact on your life. Whether you are having trouble with sexual performance or you have hormone deficiencies that are causing you unwanted symptoms, we may have solutions that can help here at Huma-Netics. We provide medical rejuvenation services that address a wide range of sexual health needs.

We can assist with various types of sexual health issues, such as:

  • Lack of sex drive
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Hormone imbalances (low testosterone, low estrogen, etc.)
  • Fertility problems

Hormone Replacement Therapy

One of the many sexual health services we offer here at Huma-Netics is hormone replacement therapy, which specifically helps individuals with hormone deficiencies. As men and women age, their hormone levels tend to decline. When men have low testosterone levels, they may suffer from symptoms such as lack of energy, declined sex drive, difficulty achieving or maintaining erections, loss of muscle mass, decreased bone mass, difficulty focusing, mood changes (higher levels of irritability, depression, etc.), and more. When women have low estrogen and progesterone levels, they may experience symptoms such as fatigue, lower sex drive, infertility, hot flashes, forgetfulness, emotional instability, and more.

Hormone deficiencies can affect men and women at various ages. In some cases, these deficiencies are due to hormone disorders or to other medical conditions or complications. If you are experiencing drops in your hormone levels, you may be able to benefit from hormone replacement therapy. This allows us to raise your testosterone or estrogen and progesterone back to more desirable levels so you can improve your body’s functionality and also feel much better in your day-to-day life.

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