Sexual Dysfunction Therapy

Effective Sexual Health Treatment in Boca Raton Sexual dysfunction therapy in Boca Raton

Sexual dysfunction is a very frustrating affliction that affects both men and women. Sexual dysfunction can be defined as a problem that interferes with any stage of the sexual response cycle. The cause of sexual dysfunction can be either physical or psychological. At Huma-Netics, we offer effective treatments to help our patients with these types of issues. Don’t hesitate to discuss your treatment needs with us in a free evaluation!

Common Forms of Sexual Dysfunction:

Lack of sexual desire

This problem occurs when a person lacks interest in sexual intercourse or has difficulty getting sexually aroused.

Erectile dysfunction

This occurs when a man is unable to engage in intercourse because of an inability to achieve or maintain an erection.

Premature ejaculation

This occurs when ejaculation takes place at too early of a stage, such as before or too soon after intercourse begins.

Difficulty achieving an orgasm

With this form of sexual dysfunction, a woman is not able to reach the point of orgasm, even when she has a sufficient amount of sexual arousal.

Painful intercourse

Individuals who experience pain at any point during or after intercourse should have this issue immediately checked out. This may include sharp pain, a burning sensation, and / or cramping.

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