Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

PRP Thearapy for Anti-Aging in Boca Raton

PRP therapy has been around for ages but has recently gain attention by several high profile Hollywood stars and professional athletes claiming success with the treatments. PRP therapy has many uses from aesthetic to therapeutic pain management and anti-aging. The main reason for such a high success rate is the 100% natural approach of using your own blood as the ingredient for the therapy.

How It Works:

A small of blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma from rest of the blood. As a concentrated source of platelets, PRP contains several different growth factors that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue. This serum is then inject into the affected area, be it an achy joint, balding scalp, or a face that needs a little rejuvenation.

The price of this therapy ranges from about $600 to several thousand, depending on what, where and how often the therapy is needed.

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