IV Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

With our team having over 15 years of experience in administering IV’s, the process is virtually pain free.

Cooling around the injection area and a metallic taste of the mouth are considered to be normal side effects.

Our healthcare providers conduct a thorough medical history to ensure no medications you are currently taking is negated.

All of our IV drips consist of the exact same amino acids and vitamins, your local medical center utilizes.

The length of infusion will depend of the type drip, but on average most infusion range between 25-60 minutes. Our IV Oasis Center is sure to make your soothing and relaxing.

We have a variety of IV drips. Based on your symptoms, our healthcare providers will select an IV drip that will provide the proper nutrients, vitamins and amino acids your body lacks.

Based on your nutritional and hydration deficiencies, will determine how soon you will feel the effects of your IV drip. The more frequent you receive an IV the more optimal your body will be.