IV Nutrition Infusion

Boca Raton Anti-Aging Therapy

IV therapy was originally used in hospitals for patients suffering from dehydration as well as helping keep a steady dose of medication and nutrition supplied to a patient that us unable to eat on their own.

Huma-Netics knows the importance of getting the proper nutrients into the body in a fashion that optimizes the effectiveness of the nutrients.

IV therapy enters mainstream anti-aging by offering pharmaceutical grade vitamins and amino acids into the body in the most effective way possible, directly into the blood stream.

Our trained medical professionals have years of experience with setting up “IV Drips”. Set in our comfortable and serine IV Room, you can sit back in a cushioned recliner while listening to your favorite relaxing sounds all while re-hydrating your body and getting the purest forms of vitamins and amino acids administered directly into your bloodstream.

Patients rave about how they feel just 45 min after they walk in the door. Tired, achy, hungover, or just wanting to do something healthy for your body, Huma-Netics has the right IV therapy customized just for you and your needs.

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