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IV Vitamin Infusion Menu Offered in Boca Raton

IV Vitamin Infusion Menu


Are you Tired? Dehydrated? Hung-over after an adventurous night out?

Then satisfy your body’s thirst for hydration and nutrients with this specialized infusion of energy IV cocktail combining: B12 and B-Complexes providing you the ability to combat fatigue and replenish the nutrients your body is craving, helping you get back to optimal level.


Are you looking to reduce inflammation and detox?

By combining Dr. Myers original recipe, along with additional minerals, vitamins and amino acids such as: magnesium, Calcium, B-Complex and Ascorbic Acid this IV helps sooth many common symptoms ranging from Inflammation to getting rid of toxins.


Are you looking for the fountain of youth?

Replenish your body with the fountain of youth with this exhilarating blend of anti-aging and anti-oxidants enhancing how you look and feel. With the use of: magnesium, ascorbic acid and b12 this IV will provide the glow that radiates, all the while containing your inner aura, boosting your energy up and healthy growth of your nails and skin.


Are you looking to relax and purify your body?

Leave the world behind. Decrease stress level and let your body chill with this IV blend of: magnesium, glycrrhiza, B Vitamins, and Ascorbic Acid. Each providing its own way of optimizing to promote a healthy heart and increase immunity to sickness.


Are you looking for an energy boost and fast recovery?

Gear up and stay in the game. This IV cocktail is ready to get you a pump and fast restoration process within your body. With a combination of magnesium to fuel your exertion, Potassium and Selenium mixed to increase performance and ascorbic acid to aid in faster recuperation with your body.


Are you looking to melt felt and cleanse your body?

Target your fat cells and oxygenate yourself with this Thin-Netics IV drip. By adding a well-known highly potent dose of an amino acid known as L-Carnitine along with chromium and MIC/B-Complex to the original recipe of Dr. Meyer, this IV infusion will burn body fat, remove unwanted toxins and aid in cholesterol synthesis.


Revitalize yourself with this IV infusion geared to balance your essential minerals and vitamins such as: Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, B-Complexes and ascorbic Acids your body lacks to maintain superior function and equivalence.


With over 15 ingredients providing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals this mega-Netics IV infusion will provide to Infiniti and Beyond an immunity boost, as well as dulcify fatigue and inflammation.


Turbo charge yourself with an alternate ending to your IV infusion. Light up your energy with additional dosage of Methylcabalamin b12 to lock-on energy.


With an additional concentrated dosage of Ascorbic Acid, give your immunity the boost your body needs.


Detoxify your liver, fortify your immune system and protect your skin’s elasticity with a measured dose of glutathione.

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  • Nutrient Consultation
  • Push Treatment with first IV Infusion
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